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Picture Show, una nuova piattaforma di digital marketing

Interact SpA, leader in Italia nello sviluppo di soluzioni di digital media management e delivery per IP e reti mobili, e Quintetto srl, azienda che ha il proprio core business nello sviluppo di piattaforme software multicanale, hanno siglato una partnership per lanciare sul mercato italiano, europeo e del Medio Oriente la piattaforma di Digital Signage Picture Show.

Picture Show è una vera e propria "outdoor television", o televisione interattiva a circuito chiuso, che utilizza la rete internet e ha il suo punto di forza negli schermi e nei totem dislocati sul territorio. Facile da usare, è destinata a tutte le organizzazioni pubbliche e private che vogliono promuovere prodotti e servizi, conoscere e interagire con i propri clienti e cittadini.

Soluzione comunicativa "chiavi-in-mano", Picture Show è disponibile sotto forma di licenza software (server e player) o in modalità ASP. E' affiancata da una vasta serie di servizi professionali dal supporto e assistenza fino alla produzione di contenuti per lo start up del servizio, in configurazione base o personalizzata ed estesa secondo le esigenze del cliente.

The new platform is a turnkey solution offered either as a software license (server to player) or via ASP. Its vast range of professional services range from support to complete assistance to producing contents for starting up services. Configuration is either basic or customized according to customers' requirements. Modules that may be integrated include all major interactive technologies for exchanging information, both; terminal-to-terminal or terminal-to-person: touch screens, badge readers, QRcode, smart cards, RFID, movement detection, Bluetooth, and SMS messaging systems.

Ever since the first half of the 90s, the Digital Communication planet has evolved at a fast pace and the new opportunities of distribution, sharing and delocalization of information have created an ideal birthplace for a new cultural approach" - interact SpA's CEO Sandro Costa says. "Today there are no longer barriers for people to access information - in office, at home and on the move. The Net hence info are always at hand. With the ongoing growth of screens and video-walls our level of perception and communication has changed, underlining what information really means to us and what moves us. So, how can we materially reach our end-users if they are there and in the neighborhood of a given location? Picture Show has been tailor-made to answer this need, that is: to deliver the right piece of information in the right way, at the right moment, in the right place through to the right person."

Michele Poletti, Quintetto Vice President of Strategic Development, emphasizes the value of the partnership: "Quintetto's contribution of experience and competence, fosters a development model based on the understanding of market changes and needs, the continuous evaluation of innovative scenarios and the development of time-to-market solutions addressing communications, knowledge, learning and business. Today the values inspired by the growth of the Quintetto platform along with interact SpA expertise, are the foundation of our Digital Signage platform. We are offering an optimal solution enhanced by the quality of our interaction and services, strongly oriented towards a user-centered communication system, distributed far and wide over the territory."

About us

Interact SpA
Founded in Rome in 1995 for the purpose of creating new communication models based on technology, interact SpA today is one of the leaders in the digital content management, IPTV and Mobile TV marketplace. We develop Web and mobile portals, solutions for managing and broadcasting contents, as well as professional services for audio/video production. As of December 18th 2008, interact became a joint stock company, interact SpA.

The staff comprises professionals with different professional backgrounds and skills working together in teams organized on the basis of market needs. interact SpA helps companies and institutions by creating engaging experiences for customers and citizens in the Digital World.

Merging creativity, content and technology is the key to its success.

Quintetto is a software company with activities ranging from technical consultancy to software development and system integration, operating in Italy and in the international market.

Quintetto offering is based on a robust, secure and reliable platform, that controls and automates the processes of web content acquisition, management and distribution.

On top of its platform, Quintetto has been developing several solutions that implement business services in a variety of application areas - information and knowledge management, portal development, process automation, digital signage networks - and interface any client device: personal computers, palm devices, cellular phones, TVs, digital displays.

Our Contact information:

interact Egypt: 7B Omar Shaaban, Nasr City, Cairo
tel. +202 24149624 fax. +202 26904981

and you can also contact our company in italy in the following contact information:

Via Angelo Bargoni, 78
00153 - Roma
tel. Chiama questo numero in Italia con Skype: +390658318301">
fax +39 06 58318303

Via Carlo Viola, 78
11025 Pont Saint Martin (AO)
tel. +390165305541
fax +39.0165.305550


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